Welcome to Stein Senior Center

A Winter Wonderland??

I understand “snow birds” now!  New Yorkers are a hardy lot and we were feeling mighty lucky until the blizzard of 2016 arrived.  Let’s hope that does it for blizzards for now. Be careful walking and crossing streets.

I want to mention how important our Volunteer Corps is to Stein.  We have a small but dedicated staff of 8 who wear many hats and try to keep things running smoothly, but sometimes staff get sick or go on vacation, etc.  We rely on our Volunteers to keep the center humming.  They “man“ the front desk and answer phones, they give out lunch tickets and help serve lunches in a crowded lunchroom, they help input important data on the computers, they serve on the Senior Advisory Council and Board of Directors, they spend a year knitting winter hats for needy causes, they help set up for parties and special events and give their time helping us to fundraise.  Sometimes, they are Nurses doing their community rotation who help out in many ways, or high school students. Our two college student interns do every task asked of them. I thank each and every one for their generosity of spirit and time given.  If you would like to Volunteer, please see LaToya.

I wanted to mention a topic that is not so pleasant.  We all know that the bedbug problem in NYC affects many people, not because they have done anything to have this problem.  We are trying to safeguard our center and participants who attend the center, so when we become aware of a bedbug problem, we ask the person to have their apartment treated and not to come to the center until that is completed. We also ask for a letter from the landlord or exterminator stating that the treatment has been completed.  It is not personal if we ask you to deal with the problem and then come back. It is for the benefit of everybody. Thank you for your understanding.

The noise abatement project was postponed due to the blizzard, but will be almost complete the last weekend of January (I won’t write about it anymore). We are noticing some improvement already in the noise level and when the ceiling tiles are in place, there should be a good reduction.  We ask that you be careful not to splash food on the baffles when you throw out your plates, so that we keep them as clean as possible.

Our activities are jumping and we are trying to plan the calendar so that they don’t interfere with each other but it has been difficult. Feldenkrais has moved to Tuesday mornings at 11 next to the Knitting Club and the conversation of that group interferes with the silent meditation of the Feldenkrais. On the whole, everything is jumping here at Stein.

Spring can’t be far behind.

Jane Barry , Executive  Director