Welcome to Stein Senior Center

It’s Back to School Time!

Summer is whizzing by and I’ve got some changes to report.  Our Office Manager Susan James is leaving us to pursue her former vocation, Arts Administration.  She arrived at Stein the day we were moving out of ICD on 24th Street in 2012, and stayed with us through thick and thin!  We wish Susan success in her new endeavors.  Our wonderful LaToya Fowler will step into the position of Office Manager as of Sept. 1st.  LaToya has worked with Susan and all of us in data entry, reception, graphic design, and every task needed at a moment’s notice. We welcome LaToya to her new position.

I want to thank Hector for keeping our center together while Angel was on vacation.  He has become part of our Stein family.  Our Lunchercize activity led by Angel and sometimes, Susan is wonderful to see.  All the people who get up and move to that music is so inspiring and leaves everyone with a smile on their face.  The Zumba class is very successful and we have to clear more room for dancing each week.  Chintamani is an inspiring teacher.

We are fortunate to have the Feldenkrais program continue with support from an anonymous donor, so it will continue when the 12 week series ends in September led by Jill.  Please continue to support the programs that you attend since our Board of Directors are responsible for safeguarding our funds.  If a program isn’t well attended we have to look at discontinuing that program.  Some upcoming new programs are starting:  Voice Production, breathing and singing class will be starting on Sept. 24, Thursday at 1:30.  Birdey Rutkin, composer and teacher has been on the same stage with Sarah Vaughn and Bette Midler.  Due to the nature of this class, space is limited so sign up now.  Only 8-10 people will be taken. 

Another new program is Art History with Judy Collischan who has taught at universities and curated museum exhibits.  Art History will be every Tuesday beginning Sept. 15th.  We are also planning to have our senior chorus back conducted by Alison Davy, sponsored by Turtle Bay Music School.  Jacqui will also be back with Meditation on Wednesdays. Belly Dancing has made a comeback with Zoe Kennedy on Fridays from 11:00 to 12:00.  Our play reading group is going strong with “Sir” John Windsor-Cunningham. This group meets the first and third Wednesday of the month.

I also want to mention and thank Barbara Green, who arrives at Stein with her sewing machine once a month ready to repair Stein members’ clothing.  Next date to be announced.  Please bring only a few items so that others have a chance.  Please thank Barbara for her time.  It is a welcome service that she is providing.

Our collaboration with Cornell Weill SMART MH program will continue through this coming year.  It is free short-term counseling for older adults affected by Hurricane Sandy.  If you are interested in more info, please speak with Sandy Daniels or me.

Of course, Bob Smith’s Shakespeare class is always well-attended and loved by all. Barbara Greenberg’s Arthritis & Tai Chi exercise classes and Chintamani’s Strength Training and Zumba classes are going strong.  The Sandy Daniels knitting class is knitting hats for hatless homeless women and children.  Jim Furlong is captivating his Opera Appreciation class.  The NY Public Library is having their book club meetings at Stein.  Denise Sabal, our fantastic Nutritionist keeps us up to date on what to eat and what not to eat. Pat and Florence sell good books and cards each Wednesday at the best price in town.  Movies are back on Thursday afternoons.  We are planning to have short computer classes of one hour several days a week.  Babette will be back with Yoga, Beading with Sarita is growing each week, and Bridge Club and our Yiddish Club have loyal followers.

I wanted to explain some of the rules we must follow regarding congregate food service. We have a budget for our catered food.  In the budget there is an amount that is factored in of expected contributions for the year. We didn’t meet our contributions last fiscal year.  We hope you will again step up to the plate and contribute if you are able, but no one 60+ years of age will be denied food if unable to contribute.  Also, if you need to take out food, you must have a doctor’s appt. that you can show the lunchroom coordinator.  If any member is ill at home, you can have an attendant or friend pick up your lunch for 2 weeks.  After that time, you must apply to meals-on-wheels to deliver your lunch to your home. I want to stress that we are a congregate program meaning people eat their lunch here and taking your lunch home is discouraged since bacteria can grow if  food is not at the a safe temperature or unrefrigerated.  We are working hard to improve the lunches and appreciate your input. The surveys were very helpful and many suggestions implemented. I know that the lunches are the core of the center.

I want to thank our volunteers who cover the Reception Desk, help serve lunches (which can be very stressful)  Noni (who came in every day during Angel’s vacation), Hector, David (our high school student) and our staff who take turns during the week and of course Angel, who orchestrates it daily.  Simo, our Dining Room coordinator, Cathy, Caroline, Martha, Carmen, Rev, Linda, Barbara (welcome back), Gloria and Joan at Reception.

We are planning some great trips for this month and next. Stay tuned for details.  Some ideas are Bear Mountain, Wave Hill, Bronx Botanic Garden, Pennsylvania Dutch. We are also planning a trip to the Greek Synagogue on Broome Street with a tour of the temple and Greek/Jewish luncheon.  There will be a charge for these trips. 

We look forward to the year ahead with established and new programs that spur good health and wellness, learning and fun. 


Here’s to an active month ahead,

Jane Barry