Welcome to Stein Senior Center

Welcome to Cool(er):

September always feels like the beginning of something new and there is a lot of new things happening at Stein.  Our wonderful student interns from Fordham have completed their placement at Stein – Janice and Michelle have gone on to their next year of studies and other internships.  We have two young women from Hunter School of Social Work – Kate and Tugba (pronounced Tu-ba).  They will be here for the next school year helping and learning.  We also welcome Lucina, Mark and thank Maria for her hard work in the kitchen and the center. Renee is our go-to person who helps in all areas of the center.

I want to especially thank our fantastic volunteers who are always there to help out in a pinch in the dining room.  Noni, Pat, Gloria, Jane, Connie, Noemi, Glenness, Steven, our wonderful Simo, who sees all!  We have a corps of volunteers who help at the Reception desk – Barbara, Gloria, Carmen, Carol, Anna, Phyllis, Caroline, Rev, Cathy, Simo, Willa. Culture in the City, our Theater office is run by Edith, Rosemary, Marlene, Rory and Elaine. Our Knitting Class is also active in charitable projects for homeless women, newborn babies, etc.

Our classes and activities are thriving – Feldenkrais will return again with the support of one of our members, computer classes were successfully taught by Kin, a teacher from Senior Planet (thanks to Dan Garodnick and Rosie Mendez for funding).  Zoe Kennedy is bringing back Belly Dancing class on September 9th. We have a Chair Yoga class on Thursdays from 12:15-1:15.  Jyothi, our teacher will also teach a new class, “Bone Health Fitness” right after Chair Yoga, starting Sept. 15th at 1:30.

We are also welcoming back Roseann and Angie who offered to do manicures back on 24th Street.  They will be here on Thursday, Sept. 15th from 10:30 to 4pm. Of course, Jennie will continue to do haircuts each month. One of our members, Lynn, comes in from Arizona just to get Jennie’s haircuts!

I have also met with Third Street Music School to discuss starting music lessons here at Stein.  This would be an opportunity to learn an instrument here or at Third Street Music School.  We know that learning a new skill keeps our brain in shape just as exercise benefits our body and brain.  I will keep you updated.

With that in mind, try our Strength Training, Zumba, Arthritis Exercise, Yoga, Belly Dancing, Meditation, Feldenkrais, Nutrition Presentations by our very own Nutritionist, Denise Sabal, Haircuts, Time Tech (watch repair) Wardrobe Wizard (clothing repair).

We have some great programs for your brain, too: Opera Appreciation, Shakespeare, Computer classes, Art History, Yiddish Club, Culture in the City, Talking Circle, Book Club, Elder Law Project, Hearing Screening, Nurses on Call from 3 NYC Nursing programs, etc. Beading is booming with Sarita, and we are looking forward to singing again with Turtle Bay Music School.  Thanks to Rick and Earl for helping with data input, an important

Of course, we could not accomplish this comprehensive program without our wonderful staff – Sandy Daniels, our wise and wonderful Social Worker/Knitting Teacher/Alzheimer’s day program Coordinator; Helen Waite, our Office Manager/all around solver of problems; Dora, our all-knowing Bookkeeper who keeps us fiscally sound, helps us in all ways; Angel, our Maintenance Guru who gets us up to dance and move before lunch each day; Aaron, our Security Guard who also helps with setting up rooms and putting the center back into shape.

I haven’t mentioned our HIICAP lady, Mary Louise Flood, who comes in monthly to help decipher Medicare, Supplemental Insurance, etc.; Public Health Solutions, a program that will help with Medicaid applications on site and Caring Circle, a program from Presbyterian Social Services, which helps caregivers with needed resources.  Henry Street Senior Companions program is also at Stein offering escort and companion services to our community. Call Sandy Daniels for more information.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention some of our programs, so forgive me.  I’m very proud of our little, stand-alone Senior Center that could.  We will keep growing and striving to answer needs in the community.  Our Early to Mid-stage Alzheimer’s Social Adult Day Program continues to provide excellent, respectful care to those with cognitive decline and with support for their caregivers.  The SPA (Service Program for Adults) has earned the recognition of experts in the field. I look forward to working with our Board of Directors and Senior Advisory Board to make improvements.

Jane Barry, Executive Director