Welcome to Stein Senior Center


May, 2016


It has been an extraordinary month!  Lots of changes – Bob Doxsey retired, we welcomed Diana Nieves to our staff.  The transition was almost seamless!  Sandy, our Social Worker extraordinaire is back and we are waiting for Bob Smith to return to Shakespeare in May. Please check our calendar for programs and activities this month.

Our new service, Watch Repair with Bernie is a huge success and we are planning to have Bernie here additional days a month when he returns from his vacation.  We respectfully ask that you bring in no more than two watches so that others have a chance to get their watches repaired.  Bernie also said that he does not fix high end watches like Rolex, etc.

We are also honoring our wonderful Volunteers this month with the annual Volunteer Breakfast.  We could not run this center without our corps of volunteers who do so many jobs here.  The range of tasks that they accomplish are: Reception, dining room coordination, lunch service, data input, escort services, class instruction, book sales, theatre desk, advisory board, Board of Directors, Knitting Club projects to name a few.

We are planning some local trips for the Spring and have had some requests from our members including Governor’s Island, Wave Hill, Botanic Garden, Museums, Sagamore Hill, etc. If you have a suggestion, we are listening.

We had a Seder for Passover on Tuesday, April 19th.  It was a beautiful event with the help of Phil Rothman from the Brotherhood Synagogue, who taught us about the Haggadah and it’s meaning for those who didn’t know.  I am aware that we need to tweak the procedure to get people seated and signed in and we will do things differently next time.

Stein has just started a new program called, “Life Review” with Gianna Valerio, LMSW.  This is a one-to-one, free program that guides you to honor and review your life story.  If you are interested, please ask Jane, Sandy or LaToya for contact information.

Enjoy this great Spring weather!  Jane Barry