Welcome to Stein Senior Center


I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year 2015, and hope this year goes a little slower than last year.  It’s shocking how fast the days fly by and how much has been accomplished.

First of all OUR BATHROOMS ARE FINISHED AND OPEN.  I have to thank Anthony from Hub Contractors for the excellent job that they did.  We now have 3 stalls in the ladies room, a paper towel dispenser, new toilet paper dispensers, and will soon have one more soap dispenser.  As you must notice, Angel’s janitor’s closet is moved to the dining room.  The men’s room has two sinks and around the corner, additional toiletry (is that a word?).   Also, paper towels and dispensers.  Please take care of our new bathrooms so they will continue to look good!

We are restoring the programs and activities that had to be suspended during the renovation and expect participants to attend.  If you are not registered as a member of Stein, please make an appointment with Ruth Walker, who is here on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 1pm.  Ruth will also come in on a Friday after the New Year for Shakespeare participants to sign up.  You can also ask LaToya to sign you up when she is here Tuesdays to Fridays 10am to 3pm. We ask everyone to register since the Dept. for the Aging will not count any senior who is not registered in our system and that affects our reimbursement.  Thank you for taking care of this.

We had a successful Holiday Fair despite crummy weather.  Thanks to our fantastic volunteer corps who helped make the fair quite profitable.  Our fab staff also made sure everything was running smoothly and the baskets and auction went off without a hitch.  Congratulations to those winners.  On Dec. 18th, the 13th Precinct served us a delicious dinner organized by Frank Scala for the tenth year.  Our caterer, Lenz provided a delicious dinner and the policemen served 120 meals to participants. We are very thankful to the 13th precinct for this much- anticipated event every year.  We also celebrated Hanukah with delicious latkes donated by The Second Avenue Deli, also an annual donation.  David Macklin, our member, explained the meaning of Hanukah to all attending and the latkes and applesauce were enjoyed by all.

A new Book Group will be led by Chastity Moreno from the Epiphany library.  She will bring the books to the center for the group and lead discussions on the books read.  If you would like to join, please come to the first meeting on Tuesday, Jan 20 at 1:30 pm.  We are also pleased to have a professional dancer and choreographer join our program through a grant from SPARC and Dept. for the Aging.  Shireen Dickson will be in residence at Stein from Thursday, January 8th through June of 2015 on Thursdays.  In that time, she will work with our members to use dance as a creative expression.  I know how important and fun our members feel about dancing, so please take advantage of this opportunity to dance!

Our Shakespeare program led by Bob Smith is booming and growing. We welcome new participants to Stein and hope they will continue to support our programs here.  Stayed tuned for our 40th Anniversary celebration coming in the Spring, day and time to be announced.

Jane Barry, Executive Director