Welcome to Stein Senior Center

Is it February Already?

This has been an intense January and hopefully everything will calm down in February (not too calm). The light is starting to return and the days are getting longer.

We have some exciting new programs starting in February.  We were fortunate to be included in the SU- CASA Artist in Residence grant, part of the Dept. of Cultural Affairs and Dept. for the Aging.  We will have Ann de Vere, an artist and teacher in residence until June.  She is doing several projects with our members including a print-making workshop, trips to artist printing studios, and the High Line, etc.  If you would like to know more, please come to Ann’s “Meet the Artist” event on Tuesday, February 7th from 1-2:30 pm. Refreshments will be served and you will find out what new skills you can learn. The class size is limited, so don’t wait.

We have also had a meeting with Joseph Alexander, the Director of the Edward Morgan Ballet Company.  They are planning an inter-generational performance and would like to include our members. You don’t have to know ballet, because there will be several forms of movement.  They would also like to include member’s art and singing.  We are learning more about the possibilities of collaboration and will keep you updated.  The three performances will be at the end of April with 3 weeks of rehearsal beforehand.

We are planning to start an “evidence-based” Tai Chi class in March.  Evidence based programs are taught by Dept. for the Aging (DFTA) certified teachers. Our very own Zoe Kennedy took the training and will teach this class.  Dates and Time to be announced.

The Fit and Flexible Knee class is growing.  Attendees say that it is helping them with their knee pain.  The class is taught by Maura Nolan, an experienced Yoga teacher who had knee replacement 8 months ago and developed exercises and relaxation techniques that aid in healing. If you have knee pain, are contemplating knee replacement, this is your class. Check the schedule for details.

Cervantes writes, “He/She who sings, chases away his/her ills”. Come join the Stein Senior Chorus, rehearsing on Tuesdays from 12:30 -2:00 pm.  This program is a partnership with Turtle Bay Music School. Mark Bruckner (no relation to Anton) is the conductor and there is a lot of exciting music being sung.

We have many more classes and activities that are booming here.  Check out our program schedule page for more.

In an effort to contain our expenses, we are planning to discontinue the morning coffee at Stein.  We are spending much more than we recoup in donations and cannot continue to offer this.  Coffee at lunch will not change, but please don’t fill up your thermos and deplete the coffee so that others don’t get their cup.  I want to stress again that we need your contributions for lunch.  This set contribution amount is written into our budget and if we don’t meet the amount we need to collect, the shortfall must be taken from other budget lines. “There is no free lunch” is true.  Of course, if you cannot contribute, we will never deny you a meal.  There is no better deal than a suggested $2.00 for a full meal (even Trump would agree that it is a good deal). We would also like to continue providing weekend frozen meals, but if it is under-utilized, we may have to discontinue.  We are now ordering 40 frozen meals for Friday and look forward to distributing that amount.

I want to thank our fantastic volunteers who help us every day.  From Reception to serving lunches to selling books, to knitting hats, to data input and event fundraising help, to serving on our board and advisory council, we need you and appreciate you. Every May, we have a Volunteer Breakfast to honor our volunteers.  We also have some terrific interns from Vocational training programs who help us in the kitchen and maintenance.  Some of these interns are over and above in their dedication and we wish we could hire them.  We also have Kate and Tugba, MSW student interns who help in many ways.  They are learning as well and it helps them determine what path they will take as Social Workers.

We have Lorraine and Estephany, Occupational Therapists from Downstate SUNY University doing Balance assessments at Stein this month.  They are here on Fridays giving informational talks and measuring our participants’ balance.  They have also started a raffle to choose 4 lucky seniors who will get a home assessment of your apartment and what safety equipment is needed.


Our Nursing program is returning this month, so blood pressure screening returns and health information lectures and games return as well.  The Nurses are from NYC Tech and Hunter/Bellevue and studying for their higher degrees, so these are experienced nurses who do their community rotation here at Stein.  They are supervised by their professor and help us serve lunch when needed.

We want to stress again that continued low-attendance at classes and activities may result in cancellation of the class or activity per the decision of our board of directors. Please support the classes/activities that you want at Stein, both by attendance and contribution.  Thanks!

Jane Barry

Executive Director