Welcome to Stein Senior Center

Giving Thanks,

November 25th was our Thanksgiving Dinner. It was the result of many people giving their time and energy to help prepare, decorate, give information to participants, cook and serve a beautiful and delicious meal.  Our thanks to Lenz for preparing delicious food, our staff and volunteers for their work in organizing all the details for a smooth event.  It always seems to happen that we forget to name some of our most loyal workers and we forgot to mention Simo, who knows every single person who comes in for lunch and handles her position with such integrity and humor. Steven, who helps Simo give out tickets for lunch. Harriet, who helps us with data input and quietly soldiers on to help in any way she can.  In addition, Pat Keegan has spearheaded our super-duper Holiday Fair with unbound energy.  Please check out the baskets she has put together! Gloria Barker is eliciting great raffle gifts and has given some of her fantastic hand-made items for the sale.  The knitting group is presenting some virtuoso items to be auctioned.  We will also have jewelry, a few paintings and other holiday gifts.

I would also like to thank Bob Phillipson for his jewelry sale and talk last week.  He will also have more jewelry on sale at the fair. All proceeds of his sale will be donated to Stein.  As you well know, we are in the midst of a renovation of our bathrooms to help with the waiting lines we have had in the women’s bathrooms.  It will be finished in mid-December as the contractor has suggested (notice I didn’t say promised!)  I want to thank the Uniformed Firefighters on the third floor for letting us use their bathrooms and thank you all for your patience.

Stein Senior Center means many things to many people.  We are all looking forward to bringing back all of our activities in the New Year.  Yes, Bob Smith will also return to his Shakespeare class after the Thanksgiving Holiday and Jim Furlong will be here to explain the operas to you. We are also starting a book club led by Chastity Moreno from the Epiphany Library.  She will provide the books and the group will meet here at Stein. We are also re-starting a painting class taught by a student at School of Visual Arts, which will meet for approximately 3 months, the day and time to be announced.

I want to thank Connie Barry (no relation) for her excellent help on our Thanksgiving dinner. Gloria Otto has started off the contest for window decoration with a beautiful display, followed by Connie and Rose gracing our windows.  Please join us on December 9th for our Holiday Fair to purchase gifts for your loved ones.  It is our fundraiser and we want it to be a success!  Funds raised will help enhance our programs at Stein.  There is much to be gained for you and for Stein.  Have a healthy, happy Holiday Season.

Jane Barry, Executive Director