Welcome to Stein Senior Center

Our Anniversary Approaches!

I have just returned from 2 weeks in Italy spending my time in a medieval mountain city named Narni (it was Narnia and C.S. Lewis borrowed that name for his Chronicles).  No, I didn’t go with our mayor, but I had an interesting time studying and performing at the Narni Music Festival, a new venture in its third year. Musicians from all over the world were there and some even as young as 8 years old.  I gained a new appreciation of the younger generation, who accepted me as a benevolent grandmother.  I was impressed with the way the natives of Narni treated their older citizens with great love and respect. In this hilly, cobbled-stoned town, the pace of life was slower and the food grown close-by (it was delicious).  People gathered in the piazza restaurants and cafes and chatted for hours.  There were at least five churches in this tiny town, all built around the XII century.  There were no senior centers.

With all that, I was excited to come back to New York, marveling at all the building that had been done while I was away.  It was a stark antithesis to a medieval town that never changes.  New York is always changing and evolving.  We look forward to getting some extra funding given by the City Council to enhance programs with budgets that haven’t increased in years.  Whatever funds we get will be used for the services we give to the older adults in our community.  I want to stress that we would like all who attend the center to register as members. There is no cost to sign up, but it will be an important step to get the reimbursement for programs here at Stein.  The Department for the Aging is implementing “performance-based” reimbursement starting this month, August. The numbers submitted each month is based on our registered members and we must keep these numbers at our contracted levels.  It won’t hurt a bit to sign up, but it will help us to maintain our contractual numbers.  Thank you for supporting Stein Senior Center.

We are in the process of planning our 40th Anniversary Party, which will take place in early November, date to be announced.  It promises to be a lively and memorable event and more information and dates will follow. Here’s to the next forty years of growth.  We know that there will be a lot of challenges to meet a growing number of people needing help in the future. We want to thank Rosie Mendez for sponsoring the computer classes from Senior Planet at our center. It is going well and people are enjoying learning how to use computers.  Feldenkrais classes are returning in early August because of popular demand and we feel fortunate to be able to offer this class again. It promises to be a very busy autumn and winter ahead.


Jane Barry

Executive Director