Welcome to Stein Senior Center

A Cool Place to Be…

As you may know, the Dept. for the Aging (DFTA) appoints senior centers to serve as Cooling Centers as the outside temps rise during the summer.  We will be open as a cooling center when DFTA announces that cooling centers are open.  Stein will be open until 6pm on those days. If you need to escape the heat, you are welcome to stay in the center until 6pm. 

We are also working actively on getting noise reduction in the dining room.  We have gotten bids to install wall insulation that will absorb the sound and see how well it works. Thank you for your patience.  We have also gotten the okay to use funds for the expansion of bathrooms.  I think of this renovation with trepidation and must plan alternatives while the bathrooms are being worked on. 

Time Warner internet has been out of order for the last two weeks so our computer lab has not been operating, nor our office computers.  OATS (Senior Planet) is offering 2 ten-week courses here at Stein – a basic course for beginners and an intermediate course.  This opportunity to learn the computer and enhance your skills is being underwritten by Council Member, Rosie Mendez.  If you are interested, please sign up with Bob Doxsey.   Space is limited and the classes start in mid-July, so sign up now.

I want to thank all our participants for your cooperation in helping us clean up the dining room and set up for afternoon programs.  It helps make the transition smoother and allows Angel and Joseph and Aaron to keep our center clean.  We also acknowledge your financial support for Shakespeare and Opera Appreciation and all other programs at Stein.  When people ask me why we are focusing on the contributions for our programs, I explain that we are a stand-alone senior center, not part of a larger institution.  We are working on enhancing our Board of Directors to help fundraise and have added new members, and the fact is that we can’t rely solely on government funding to cover all expenses.  It has been my role to start new programs at Stein, our early stage dementia program has been successful and innovative, we have been fortunate to get grants that provide free programs to Stein, but that is the exception, not the rule.  We also are serving more lunches than we are contracted for, so we hope you will step up to the plate and contribute to your lunch here.

Jane Barry